Month: April 2018

The Danger Of Doing It Yourself

Unrealistic TV Commercials

Those commercials may seem appealing. You know the ones I’m referring to where the homeowner or tenant is crawling around under sinks, climbing ladders, hanging fixtures, and more.

Doing It yourself is Reality

But the reality is nothing beats hiring the right professional handyman. Doing it yourself may sound easy, and yes some jobs are… but most handyman service jobs are not. It’s work. Plain, hard, sweaty, difficult, more involved… work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 21 or 91, nothing is attractive about “doing it yourself.” Especially not when the alternative – hiring a qualified, 30 years plus experienced handyman to do it for you – is just a phone call away!

Wouldn’t You Rather Go Fishing?

Do you really want to spend your entire weekend “fixing stuff” or attending handyman seminars to see if it’s even possible for you to grasp all the potential problems you’ll run into doing your own repairs? Heck no! wouldn’t you rather go fishing? Heck Yes

Do It Yourself Dangers

DIY (or do-it-yourself) dangers abound when homeowners or tenants attempt to save money by doing home repairs themselves. In fact, a quick search of Google (at the time of this writing) would reveal more than 3.5 million search results ranging from electrical and other hazards to significant house fires.

Hoping To Save Money

Saving money is on everyone’s mind, but often repairing the damage the homeowner or tenant has inflicted on top of the simple repair just means more out of pocket expenses, along with a large amount of inconvenience. That’s why hiring a seasoned handyman or “craftsman” is your best use of your money. Often people misunderstand the complexity of a project. Ask yourself how many projects you have around your home, condo or apartment that are still sitting there destined to never reach completion.

Do It Yourself Disasters

Okay, everyone likes a good laugh, but not when it comes to potentially hurting yourself. Here’s a video we located on YouTube of doing it yourself disasters from around the globe. It’s got a background music/laughter track similar to something you’d hear on the TV show America’s Funniest Home Videos. However, there’s nothing funny about how seriously hurt these people could have been:

All the more reason to hire a seasoned professional handyman for your home repairs and go fishing.